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Power and Protection in the Pocket

Decades ago, it was not uncommon for firearms to be placed directly in the pocket, and some people went so far as to line their pants pockets with various materials in order to further conceal their contained weapons. Modern technology has allowed for the development of holsters designed specifically for this purpose, which means that firearms can be safely and securely held in the pocket without comfort or draw speed being compromised.

The Rise of the Pocket Holster

In recent years, pocket holsters have become better at serving their intended purposes. Essentially, they allow for the firearm to be carried in the pocket in such a position that it’s easily accessible, doesn’t shift, and can be grabbed and readied at a moment’s notice. Both interior and exterior materials help in this feat, and products like those from the well known maker Uncle Mike’s boast smooth and silky linings for a smooth draw as well as tacky outsides that keep the holster in place in the pocket. When the firearm is stationed in a pocket holster, the user can more accurately get a hold of it without worrying about which way it has shifted or cocked in the pocket.

The Problems with Pocket Holsters

Holsters for the pocket are designed to be concealment holsters in that they keep the gun from printing as bad through the pants and keep it hidden. However, this still largely depends on attire. The tighter the pants, the less likely the firearm will be hidden. This can be an especially large problem for women, where garments tend to fit more closely to the body. This is why both the choice in holster and pants are both important if the aim is to keep the weapon concealed. Holster reviews on specific products can help filter out which ones provide and don’t provide the best level of concealment.

Additionally, there are some usage issues to be aware of. While a pocket holster is a great tool in most upright situations, they fall flat and are essentially useless while sitting. There is simply no way to access them unless standing, and for those that aren’t on their feet all day, a pocket holster may be downright impractical.

Peace of Mind

For anyone choosing to carry their cargo in their pockets, a holster designed for this use is imperative. While they have their drawbacks, pocket holsters provide safe and secure transport for firearms held in the pockets while keeping them hidden and discreet.

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