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Nylon Holsters

In this gun holster reviews we will take a look at what nylon holsters are, the pros and cons of nylon holsters and who uses nylon holsters. We will also try to determine who some of the best gun holster manufacturers are for nylon gun holsters and related products.

What is Nylon?

Nylon gun holsters are made of a very lightweight synthetic polymer material known as nylon. There are many different types and quality levels of nylon but are typically very durable and resilient. Nylon materials are typically easy to clean and can have either a shiny or dull appearance. Nylon is also used in a number of other products like tires, tents, ropes, ponchos, and many military supplies.

What are the pros of nylon gun holsters?

There are a number of advantages to using nylon gun holsters. Some of the advantages many people list about nylon holsters is the fact that they are very lightweight, they are very durable, and are generally much cheaper than their leather counterparts. Another advantage of the nylon holsters is that they are fairly weather resistant. You don’t have to worry about if you swear a lot of get your holster wet. You can easily clean your nylon holster with a little soap and water.

What are the cons of nylon holsters?

Some imported nylon holsters are not made of very high quality nylon, and may be a cotton blend that is not as durable. They are often sold very cheap, but won’t hold up nearly as long as a higher quality nylon holster product. A lot of people don’t like the look of the nylon holsters, especially in comparison to high quality hand crafted leather holsters that are made to look very nice. Nylon holsters don’t make great concealed weapon holsters because they don’t mold to your body at all. They may be more uncomfortable for this same reason. Nylon will scuff easily and is hard to keep it looking really nice.

Who uses nylon holsters?

A lot of law enforcement agencies are going to nylon holsters because they are cheap and durable. Nylon holsters are also used by other protection or security personnel that do not need to have their weapon concealed.

Who makes the best nylon holsters?

Most gun holster manufacturers offer some nylon gun holster products but probably the two best gun holster manufacturers for nylon gun holsters are BlackHawk and Bianchi. Black Hawk pocket holsters start out as low as $12.99. BlackHawk nylon holsters are flexible and very lightweight and are available in virtually every type of holster from the simple pocket holster to complex ankle holsters and should rigs. Read out complete BlackHawk review to learn more about BlackHawk nylon holsters and other products available from BlackHawk.

Bianchi was one of the first to come up with nylon holsters back in the early 80s and now offers a full line of AccuMold holsters, accessories and belts leading the industry with some of the best nylon holsters and products available. Read out full Bianchi review to learn more about the Bianchi duty holsters, concealment holsters and more.

The best gun holster for your needs will be dependent upon a number of variables including the type of weapon you need a holster for, how you want to carry the weapon, and personal preference and style. There are many pros and cons to each type of gun holster. Do some research, ask a lot of questions, then choose the best gun holster for your needs.


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